IPL Full Face
Starting Price From: $129.00

IPL Rejuvenation Treatments works to rejuvenate your skin and visibly reduce skin imperfections.


1. Effectively treat facial red blood streak (angiotelectasis), remove the red face symptom. 

2. Effectively shrink rough pore, eliminate or decrease the Acne Scar. 

3. Thicken the skin collagen, recover the skin elasticity. 

4. Remove or eliminate freckle, age spot, etc.

5. Remove or eliminate pigment sediment caused by sunburn, whiten the skin. 

6. The patients below belong to Taboo treatment scope: 

  •      Pregnant women  

  •      The persons whose work cannot avoid facing with strong light

  •      Those who are sensitive to light and medicine and those who are sensitive to light

  •      Those whose skin are very sensitive

  •      Those with mental disease and those who have Scar or Scar diathesis 

  •      Diabetes Patients 

  •      Patients with over-high expectation 

  •     Those who are using functional cosmetics