Enjoy our sensational oil massage that you will definitely find difference from elsewhere. Our professionally trained beauty therapists know well about muscle anatomy and massage techniques, listen to your concerns, understand and look after you.


We record your likes and concerns in our booking system so we can provide consistent care to you when you regularly visit us.


Either you like a bottle of water after massage or you have any injury that we need to be careful. We look after you like a family member and hope you enjoy your stay. 

Your stress, pain, muscle soreness and tension will be reduced. Massage will help improve your immune function, circulation, energy and alertness. 

Relaxation Massage                                         60 mins
Deep Tissue Massage                                      60 mins
Hot Stone Massage                                            60 mins
Lymphatic drainage Massage                       60 mins
Head + Neck + Shoulder Massage                 40 mins
Neck + Shoulder Massage                                  20 mins
Massage + Foot Pressure + Head Massage 60 mins      
Add On: Infrared Light