We are so confident you will like our fast, cost effective, reliable Diode laser treatment that we will give you a special promotion to try our service. Every our laser therapist is professionally trained and has laser safety certificate.

Diode laser hair removal

2 areas, 4 sessions:   $99

4 areas, 4 sessions:   $119

6 areas, 4 sessions:   $139

2 areas, 6 sessions:    $129

4 areas, 6 sessions:   $149

6 areas, 6 sessions:   $169

Areas explanation

One area:


Feet and Toes | Snail Trail | Upper Arms | Areola | Stomach | G-string | Standard Bikini | Extended Bikini | Lip and Chin | Forehead | Middle Brow | Sides of Face | Between Eyebrows | Cheeks | Neck | Underarms | Earlobes | Hands, Knuckles or Fingers | Top of feet or toes | Front of neck | Back of neck | Shoulders | Beard | Buttocks | Behind (Bottom) |Scrotum | Penis

Two areas: Upper Legs | Lower Legs | Lower Arms | Stomach | Bikini | Buttocks | Upper back | Lower back | Brazilian

Four areas: Full chest


Great value Membership



Diode laser hair removal treatments membership

  • Members may come in once a week for a four areas laser hair treatment each time.

  • Each treatment area may only be treated once every 4-6 weeks.

6 months             12 months        
 $1199               $1999



​6 sessions of 90 minutes of facial and body massage pamper package

only $499 (RRP $834)

We will ensure you a pleasant laser hair removal treatment. 

The first treatment starts from a skin hair analysis. We will learn your expectation and inform you that everybody is different. Laser will only work on hair at the growing stage. The estimated number of treatments may change according to any variation that may occur in skin colour and hair thickness. With ongoing treatments the re-growth and melanin will lose structure which could affect the result.

The treated area must be protected using SPF 30+ for three weeks before and after treatment. Unprotected exposure to the sun three weeks before treatment may increase the chance of increased reddening, superficial burns or changes in pigmentation in response to the treatment. Unprotected sun exposure after treatment may increase the risk of sunburn and could develop hyper or hypopigmentation. 

To finish your treatment, we will apply laser aid which is specially designed to heal your skin after laser treatment. 

We also sell Laser aid at our clinic. We advise you to buy one to protect your skin after laser treatment in the following days before applying sunscreen.

Please be aware this promotion is that one customer can only buy one option. If you need more areas to be done, please buy individual area that is listed in our laser price section.